Diagonal breaks in Warren Avenue barrier explained

The in basket: As often as I have driven north on Warren Avenue in Bremerton from Burwell Street since the city took one northbound lane of Warren for a raised barrier, I hadn’t noticed a third break in the barrier at both Fourth and Fifth streets.

Crosswalks pass though two of the gaps at each intersection. But the third gap, running on an angle through the barrier, is a puzzlement. It doesn’t look like it adds anything to handling storm runoff.

The other day, I saw a motorcyclist drive through it during rush hour, stopping in the middle to let traffic clear so he could continue west on Fourth Street.

I asked it that is the intent and was it legal?

The out basket: No, says Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers. The motorcyclist committed an infraction for which he could have been cited. But the gap IS for traffic – bicycle traffic – which can legally pass through it, Gunnar said. “It is diagonal to give additional storage space when they are stopped in the median.”

5 thoughts on “Diagonal breaks in Warren Avenue barrier explained

  1. GP, I’ve seen cars go through those gaps as well. A perfect place for a traffic camera if you ask me. Much better than red-light cameras.

  2. My understanding of Washington state laws are that Bicyclist have to follow the same traffic rules as automobiles when they are using public roads, and these barriers have been erected to prevent automotive traffic from crossing Warren Ave to prevent collisions and traffic impediments. Shouldn’t bicyclist be held to the same standard in this case?

  3. A Kieser, there are always exceptions to rules. In this case, these cut outs are legal for bicycles to use, but not motorized vehicles. Just like it’s legal for transit buses to continue straight in a right turn only lane. Those right turn only lanes are there to prevent collisions and traffic impediments. Shouldn’t transit buses be held to the same standard.

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