Barges in Sinclair Inlet explained

The in basket: For many weeks now I have been eying some barges moored along the southern Sinclair Inlet shoreline between Port Orchard and Gorst with large steel structures on them, painted white and yellow.

Recently, another barge showed up next to them with concrete structures aboard and rebar sticking out.

Also, out in the middle of the inlet, there is a large boxy blue barge, which resembles those installed next to construction sites where waste water has to be treated, though those usually are dull green in color.

I want looking for an explanation of the barges.

The out basket: My first call went to Paul Fritts of Thompson Pile Driving, located a short distance from the barges. He always seems to have his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Sinclair Inlet.

Sure enough, he is the lessor of the moorage where the large blue box is, he said. It’s a fish processing barge he expected to have gone off to Alaska by now, but it hasn’t.

He had to guess as to the purpose of the structures on the other barges, but he guessed right in saying they are probably for construction going on at the Bangor naval base.

Leslie Yuenger, Public Affairs Officer for Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest told me when I asked, “The barges located in Sinclair Inlet are being staged there until the second explosives handling wharf at Bangor is ready to receive the materials onboard.”

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  1. Have always liked Travis`s reporting. Coming back to Kitsap County and looking forward to seeing him…. old friends.

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