Tick-tock, Ridgetop/303 signal project

The in basket: Yvonne Dean and Sam Watland are the latest to ask about the seemingly endless project to put a traffic signal at the southbound off-ramp from Highway 303 (Waaga Way) to Ridgetop Boulevard in Silverdale.

“According to the sign the highway people put up,” said Yvonne, “the road project was to be completed the end of February, but as of March 6, there still isn’t a traffic light installed.  What is the hold up now?  Before it was the pole and the state programing the signal box.”

Sam quipped that he hopes the continual delays on the signal project aren’t an omen about how long Bucklin Hill Road really will be closed this year and next for the replacement of the culverts through which Clear Creek pass under it.

Yvonne also said the heavy rains the past two weeks have raised questions in her mind about the drainage slopes nearby. “I travel the lower part of Ridgetop several times a week,” she said, “and I have noticed with the heavy rains we have been having a lot of water that never gets to the drainage areas that are in place and therefore the water tends to accumulate at lower places causing puddles.

“The specific area I am talking about is at the intersection of the exit to Ridgetop coming north from Bremerton and going right up Ridgetop Junior High.”

The out basket: The county’s weekly Road Report says work was to resume this week with modification of the bases for the signal cross-arm poles, which have arrived. Field testing of the new controller cabinet also was to be done this week and completed Friday.

“The transfer over to the new service system begins this week,” it said. “The contractor is starting additional drainage work at the ramp entering the Ridgetop Boulevard Intersection.
“Two small areas of sidewalk modifications within the project limits are also planned. Remaining channelization markings will be installed upon completion of the new signal system.
“All paint markings, including the crosswalk across Ridgetop Boulevard, will be completed after the signal is operational.  Until that work is completed pedestrians should use marked crossings at other intersection locations.”

Public Works spokesman Doug Bear ways the drainage issues described by Yvonne are outside the signal project boundaries and have “been dispatched to road maintenance crews to resolve.”



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