West Bremerton beacon raises question

The in basket: Kathy Weigel e-mails to say, “I was wondering about the intersection of Patten and South Lafayette Avenue in West Bremerton.

“When traveling east on Patten towards Lafayette, you come to a stop sign. There you will see a flashing yellow light. “Aren’t these types of yellow lights usually used for warning, not for stopping?

“It has been that way as long as I have lived here. It seems it would make more sense to have flashing red lights, as it has a stop sign. Just wondering.”

The out basket: The light is a warning, says Gunnar Fridriksson, Bremerton’s managing street engineer.

“The beacon is there to call attention to the directional sign on the east side of the intersection,” he said. “My understanding is that there were a number of accidents here with people missing this sign and driving into the lawn and residence just beyond where the beacon is located now.

“Lafayette in this section is a very old concrete street with a rolled curb and driveway for the residence almost directly across from the intersection, so a motorist would not even feel much of a bump rolling over the curb. “I believe we have records on this beacon going back to 1962 or so.  It is likely older than that.

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