Bagged Silverdale right-turn signal awaits protection for pedestrians

The in basket: Peter Wimmer of Silverdale writes, “A week or so ago, I noticed that the turn light from Randall Way to go north on Kitsap Mall Boulevard had been covered up. Do you know why and for how long they will be covered?  They had seemed to have kept Randall Way a little clearer in the past and should be uncovered and working.
The out basket: Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer, says, “We overlooked the pedestrian at this crossing when we put in the right-turn signal. We cannot have a signalized movement without giving pedestrians a safe crossing.

“When it is a yield-controlled crossing as it is now, motorists are required to stop if pedestrians are in the crosswalk.  With the right arrow signal on, it is possible to have conflicting movements with vehicles and pedestrians.

“We are hoping to put in pedestrian crossing equipment in the near future and turn the signal back on. We are a little challenged by the lack of flat surface to mount a pedestrian pole on the sidewalk side of the intersection so it won’t be a quick and easy fix.

“The signal was put in to reduce the number of collisions we were having at this location.  While it was operating it seemed to be doing a good job of reducing these collisions, so we are actively working at the signal modifications so we can turn the signal head back on.”

A  Yield sign  at the turn will control right turns in the meantime.

5 thoughts on “Bagged Silverdale right-turn signal awaits protection for pedestrians

  1. What a shame, the new yield method seems to move traffic through there a lot faster. A lot of people stop at the red arrow and refuse to go until it turns green. You’re actually allowed to proceed right after stopping if the intersection is clear.

  2. A lot of drivers in this state don’t turn right on red lights. The red arrow only means that right is the only direction for that lane. The only time you can’t turn right on red is when there’s a “No right turn on red” sign.

    We need radio public service announcements to raise awareness for:
    – Right turn on red.
    – Keep right except to pass.
    – Merge like a zipper when two lanes converge to one (staying in the right lane is not illegal, even with “thru traffic keep left” signs).
    – Using turn signals.
    – Turning on headlights at night AND in rain/fog. DRLs do not count! (no tail lights)
    – Checking tire pressure and tread depth.
    – Pedestrians walking on roads at night with dark clothing.

  3. Don’t forget replacing windshield wipers. I see so many people just crawling in the rain (10-20 mph under the speed limit) because they just can’t see! Replace them twice a year. It’s only a few bucks at the dealer (if you buy inserts only, instead of getting conned into buying the “whole arm” assembly).

  4. Travis, can you please clarify right on red laws? I am starting to see lots of bumper stickers stating that they choose NOT to turn right on red. In places with heavy ped or bike traffic I do not always take the option. Cannot say that I see many cyclists or pedestrians in Silverdale but it may be their perception that it is not a safe place to bike or walk.

  5. LOL. The most ignored “No Turn on Red” sign in the City of Bremerton is just a couple of blocks from my house at the corner of 11th and Naval. Very few drivers actually pay any attention to it. These are the same driver that pay very little attention to the school zone in that area either.

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