Leaking through Highway 166 pavement has worsened

The in basket: Greg Martin e-mailed to ask “Have you addressed the water over the roadway on Highway 166 before? There are three locations just west of Ross Point. The wet sections seem to be getting bigger and could present a real problem (especially for motorcycles) in freezing conditions, as they are in or near a bend in the roadway.

The out basket: It was just about a year ago I last addressed this and the seeping has gotten dramatically worse since. The original two spots have been joined by two larger ones. As was the case a year ago, some originate in the pavement itself, rather than running out of the ditch.

Duke Stryker, head of the state’s maintenance crews here, said they will be at that site next week and deepen the ditch to see it reduces the water pressure and correct the leaking.

If it doesn’t they’ll have to dig up the pavement to seek an answer to what is causing it, he said.

As I mentioned a year ago, a businessman nearby says the pressure from moisture in the hillside that looms over the leaking area is such that some wells in that area don’t even need pumps to feed the buildings.


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