Is there a plan to widen Bremerton’s Warren Avenue?

The in basket: Anyone who visited the Web site about the newest parking lots at Olympic College, the address for which I provided in a recent Road Warrior column about how shabby the landscaping looks, might have raised an eyebrow in reading this assertion on the site.

“During coordination efforts with the City of Bremerton and the Washington State Department of Transportation,” the Web site says, “we learned that there are plans to widen Warren Avenue. Since we did not want to waste resources constructing parking that would be demolished shortly, we planned for the widening and landscaped the impacted area with low ground covers.”

Such a plan for Warren Avenue was news to me. I asked the city and state about that.

The out basket: The college won’t be losing ground to any widening of Warren Avenue any time soon.

Gunnar Fridriksson of the city’s street engineers says it refers to the findings of a study called the SR 303 Bremerton to Silverdale Transportation Corridor Study, completed in 2002.

It analyzed a bunch of ways Wheaton Way and Warren Avenue, collectively known as SR or Highway 303, could keep up with future demand.

Among the proposals was widening the highway to six or seven lanes between 11th Street and Fairgrounds Road, including a $26 million widening of Warren Avenue Bridge. Alternatives included a new bridge over Port Washington Narrows in one place or another, and adding HOV lanes to the existing highway

“Remember,” Gunnar said, “this (was) shortly after Initiative 695 passed and quite a few projects were shelved/dropped. I cannot recall if either the city or WSDOT formally adopted (the study).”

Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region of state highways is concise on the question. “WSDOT has no plans to widen Warren Avenue,” she said.


3 thoughts on “Is there a plan to widen Bremerton’s Warren Avenue?

  1. Yeah, well guess what is found in that area by the college ground crews? Yup, dirty drug needles. No need to run a lawnmower over that stuff. If we are talking about properties that look unattended, or trashy, there’s TWO nasty ones overlooking the Manette Bridge.

    There’s a parking garage that looks like a former department store with its roof torn off and gutted interior. Jerry McDonald’s solution is to have flower basket. Heck, there’s weeds at every entrance into the city. When more than 75% of the city consists of poor roads and dilapidated houses, with drug needles, these weeds are of the lowest priority compared to other issues.

    The city has long looked like a dump before that parking lot was created.

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