Missing right turn opportunities at 11th and Warren

The in basket: Internet user jdubbya38 asked on the Road Warrior blog at kitsapsun.com if I’d addressed the reason the city of Bremerton eliminated the second of the two lanes from which a driver was permitted to make a right turn from southbound Warren Avenue to westbound 11th Street.

Then Lee and Lorna Crawford and Lorna’s sister, Linda Verbon, all told me their car tires had hit something on the curb as they made that right turn from the outside lane since the city revised the intersection. They initially hadn’t noticed the arc of RPMs (raised pavement markers or “turtles”) there that encourages drivers to swing out wide, and after seeing them, they said almost everyone making the turn cuts inside them.

While I was at it, I asked the reason for eliminating the dedicated right turn lane from westbound 11th to northbound Warren at the same intersection.

The out basket: Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers says of the turtles in the right turn, “We actually have a similar marking out on SR 304 eastbound right by First Street. We initially had complaints about motorists hitting the curb there, so used RPMs to highlight/encourage them bumping out a bit from the curb.

“At 11th and Warren, we needed to contour the concrete panel right against the curb for storm drainage.  The contour is much more evident in a smaller vehicle than a truck, especially right at the curb.  It is not very noticeable a few feet out, so we used RPM’s again to highlight/encourage swinging the corner a little wider.

“The reason for the double-right turn lane southbound from Warren to 11th (in the first place) was the short length of the turn lane that was here previously.  With the new turn lane being over twice the length, we did not need the second lane anymore as the new right turn lane has the capacity needed.”

As for the eliminated right turn lane from westbound 11th to Warren, “We found that larger vehicles, particularly transit and school buses, were having problems making the corner without either driving over the new ADA ramps and sidewalk or swinging wide across multiple lanes.

“It was decided to eliminate the right-turn lane and move the lane further from the curb to give the larger vehicles additional space to make the movement.”



2 thoughts on “Missing right turn opportunities at 11th and Warren

  1. I’ve been very frustrated by the changes at 11th and Warren. I’ve called the mayor and public works director and they keep telling me that they know better. They’ve completely screwed up that intersection and now they’ve cut 11th to one lane East of Warren. This is causing big traffic jams. I’ve sent pictures of the jams to the city but they still ignore my complaints. Please call the Mayor and tell her to put the intersection back the way it was!

    Here is a link to my pic of the traffic jam. It took four cycles of the light to get through.


  2. Speaking of 11th and Warren, there are three east bound lanes on 11th as you approach Warren. The two left lanes are clearly marked with left turn arrows, and the right lane is marked with a through arrow. The two overhanging ball lights are positioned in such a way as to indicate the middle lane may proceed straight ahead and many drivers do, even though the middle lane is marked with a left turn arrow. At this intersection, the redundant light appears to confuse the situation. Back up the hill on 11th are a couple of clearly marked signs stating “Through traffic, right lane only” but these are too far back from the intersection. My friend and I have discussed this several times, it is easy to see why some drivers proceed through. As my friend and I usually are proceeding across Warren towards the Manette Bridge, we believe this appears to be an accident waiting to happen. Drivers proceeding straight ahead can easily impact a driver in the right lane who must merge.

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