Port Orchard pier project, first phase, nearing completion

The in basket: Downtown Port Orchard traffic has been rerouted recently near the closed Lighthouse restaurant for work on a city pier. Incoming traffic is routed onto the outside shoulder and that leaving the city uses the center lane.

I thought I’d read that the city would redo the pier, but the work so far has been on the shore, and looked to me as I drove past like replacing the seawall.

I asked for specifics.

The out basket: George Thompson of the city says the concrete work isn’t a seawall replacement, but is to create an abutment to anchor the pier to the shore, plus a small public observation area just to the east.

A little work on the pier itself will be part of this project, but much more will be done in a second phase that’s at least a year away.

The current work, aiming for a June 14 conclusion, will put lights on the elevated portion of the dock, landscape the shoreline, replace the sidewalk, install some new decking and stringers as well as the observation area and abutment.

The later work will add 100 to 200 feet to the elevated portion of the pier, then drop down to the floats, which will be replaced, he said. He didn’t know if the overall length of the pier will grow.

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