2 right turns and one no-turn in Poulsbo

The in basket: Tom Wisniewski of Bremerton asked in an e-mail, “Regarding the intersection of Lindvig Way, Front Street, and Bond Road in Poulsbo, is it legal to turn right in this intersection from one road to another?

“Bond on to Lindvig appears to have a dedicated right turn lane but I am not sure about the others ” he said.

The out basket: This was my first chance to get Road Warrior information from Al Townsend as the police chief of the city to the north, the job he took in April after leaving Port Orchard.

Al send along a Google Earth aerial photo of the intersection and said, “You may turn right on red (when safe to do so) onto Bond Road from Front Street.  You may also turn right on red from Bond Road to Lindvig when safe to do so.

“Front and Lindvig are really a straight road (even though it has a bit of a curve) and its name just changes at the intersection.  So there technically is no turn there.  Its just straight for those streets.”

Since that one’s not a right turn, no right turn on red is permissible (or possible) there.


4 thoughts on “2 right turns and one no-turn in Poulsbo

  1. What Poulsbo needs is for Redflex Inc. to install some red light cameras. Just think of the revenue it would bring in for the city. Slow rolling right hand turns on red (when safe to do so)….
    -Cha Ching

  2. Hey duck, you found a way to circumvent the comment restriction. Congrats! Have you noticed how few and far between comments are now, with lots of stories with zero comments?

    And what’s with this, “We’ll keep public safety stories free.” proclamation. Someone was actually killed near Poulsbo a couple of days ago. The street was closed, but was the story “free”? Not after they charged someone for a crime.

    Of course this blog is free. I kind of feel sorry for Travis and people like Seabury Blair, who once were full time reporters for the Sun. Now they’re stringers who get paid by the article. Isn’t it kind of like working for the National Enquirer?

    See a celebrity in a bar and report it, the new quality journalism. We,, Travis (and Seab), at least you managed to squeak by. What about the next generation?

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