Brownsville school zone sign relocated

The in basket: Gary Minder of Brownsville said the school zone at Brownsville Elementary had been shrunk and he wondered why.

“The school zone flashing light on northbound Illahee Road NE used to be in the vicinity of the intersection of Illahee Road and NE Arizona Street.  Now it’s maybe 400-500 feet further north near where Washington Street intersects Illahee.

“My minor daughter received a traffic ticket in the old school zone and has a contested hearing coming up in May,” he said. “I would like to know if the school zone was by chance moved as a result of others ticketed in the old zone.”

The out basket: Jeff Shea, traffic engineer for Kitsap County, says, “The sign was moved to make it a legal school zone and to enhance enforcement.

“State law is very clear on where a school zone can exist.  School zones can only extend 300 feet from active school grounds or designated school crosswalks. When the flasher was initially installed it only covered the crosswalk, and left northbound Illahee Road at the posted 25 mph speed limit, and not a 20 mph school zone.

“Moving the sign to its current location served two purposes.  One, it established a legally enforceable school zone for northbound traffic at the school.  Second, it allows a sheriff’s deputy to see both school zone signs from one vantage point, so both northbound and southbound traffic can be enforced.  “When we moved the flashing sign to its current location we had to replace the school zone speed limit for the crosswalk.  At crosswalks we normally configure them so that they are enforceable when children are present as the current sign designates,” Jeff said.




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