Lane changes on Greaves Way creating collisions

The in basket: Brandon Ackerman e-mailed me in December to make me aware of all the bad wrecks at the new intersection on Old Frontier Road at Greaves Way north of Silverdale

“I live on the corner (and) have listened to about 10 to 20 bad accidents in the last two years!” he said. “I think the county needs to change the set-up coming from Greaves.

“There is a turn-only lane coming down the hill with a solid white line. Cars coming from Greaves in the turn-only lane jump at the last minute to the fast lane, which goes straight.

“At that point,” Brandon said, “the cars (turning from) Old Frontier think the car is turning, which gives them the right of way.”

When they turn, Brandon said, the car on Greaves cuts to the other line “and SLAM, big WRECK!”

“The county needs to change this intersection or add the big white cone things to keep cars from changing lanes  at the last 50 feet,” Brandon said.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, traffic engineer for Kitsap County, says, “We show 10 reported collisions at or near the intersection from early 2010 until early 2012.  The state office that sends us traffic reports is usually about six months or so behind current date.

“We had an earlier complaint about visibility and collisions at this location, so the road department went out in early May and did some heavy pruning to improve motorist’s visibility.

“We will also add a lane usage sign coming down from Greaves Way to let motorist know earlier which lane to use.  Hopefully these two improvements will reduce the number of collisions,” Jeff said. “We will continue to monitor and control the vegetation.”

2 thoughts on “Lane changes on Greaves Way creating collisions

  1. I’ve lived in the Bremerton/Silverdale area since 1972. I live less than a mile from this intersection at Greaves and Old Frontier and drive through it numerous times per day. I’ve been nearly hit there a few times, and obviously, I’ve seen the accidents that do occur. As I observed its construction I thought for sure they were installing a light of some kind. I was surprised to see nothing to control the traffic on Greaves. Bottom line, it was poorly designed. The safest answer is a stop light or flashing red light.

    C. Olsen

  2. I fly through there all the time. I’ve hardly almost hit nobody. If you go fast enough you can make it through just about anything.

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