Pilings at Manette bridge job worry boater

The in basket: Paul Kremer, my eye doctor, mentioned at a recent appointment that the steel pipe pilings put in place at the new Manette Bridge in Bremerton to keep the barges in place as their equipment removes the underwater portions of the  demolished former bridge should be lighted.

It’s hard for boaters to see them at night, he said, and he expects it to be worse with the lengthening nights and bad weather,

He also wondered when the removal of the bridge’s old pier footings will be completed.

The out basket: Claudia Bingham-Baker, spokesman for state highways in this area, says, “We placed the pilings outside of the designated navigational channel, and in a manner that meets all Coast Guard requirements for placement and maintenance.

“We plan to be done with the work in early November, which is a couple of weeks later than we had originally scheduled,” she said.

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