Summit Avenue rough spot a threat to bicyclists

The in basket: Fred Allman wrote in an e-mail a year ago in January saying he’d recently retired from PSNS, to and from which he’d ridden a bicycle via Summit Avenue in Bremerton.

“About half-way down the hill, the road turns from asphalt to cement,” he said. “I’m told that this is the division between Bremerton city limits and Kitsap County roads. “Unfortunately the asphalt side has always been in need of repair,” he said. “Now there is a large chuck hole that has developed in the middle of the downhill lane.

“During my riding of the bike, I always steered clear of the bad spot in the road. My wife continues to ride her bike into the shipyard daily. If she or some other rider were not paying attention and were to hit this chuck hole they could have a major accident.”

Fred said at that time the county and city were both telling him it was the other’s problem.

This month I asked if there’d been any improvement and he said the chuck hole had been repaired but the pavement was still very rough.


I drove the area and found most of Summit Avenue on the county side to be in good condition but the spot Fred describes is very rough and has a slightly raised manhole to boot.

I asked the county if it was their area and if any plans have been made to improve it.


The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, says “This area is scheduled for repair during the paving season. I would expect to see the repairs in May or June.”






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