Port Orchard on hook for Highway 166 shoulders

The in basket: Port Orchard public works crews closed a lane of Highway 166 downhill from the state’s roundabout for a couple of days the last few days of summer in what looked like an attempt to deal with water that seems to run out of the ditch onto the pavement.

They dug the ditch deeper, but to no avail. The water seems to wick upward onto the shoulder and run out onto  the pavement.

I asked about it.

The out basket: “Yes, the city is trying to provide a conveyance for runoff,” said Public Works Director Mark Dorsey, “but the soil conditions are miserable. This was and/or is a great location for the use of an under-drain system. Unfortunately, (the state) did not design/build the road that way….and I suspect there is no ambition to retrofit at this point, therefore we’re stuck with the applicable maintenance.” The highway was built decades ago.

Though Port Orchard headed off in the Legislature a state attempt to turn all of Highway 166 within the city limits over to the city to maintain – pavement, signals, signs and all – it was and remains responsible for the shoulders.

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