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8 thoughts on “Reader lights up Silverdale street light planning

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the difference in light poles has to do with who’s footing the bill.
    Greaves Way would have been Federal Tax Payer money with perhaps some additional funds then or in the future of the company that has plans to develop that spot just west of the new transit station with another strip mall.
    The roundabout involves purchasing the nw corner of property to fit the roundabout in the space and a rain garden of sorts to slow the water that will come down the hill. I would hazard a guess that the standard light poles are utilitarian and cheaper.

  2. So they have again tried, in vain, to support the over priced Greaves? But shouldn’t it be who has to maintain it be the determination in the final design choice? Thanks again, Travis.

  3. Really the last thing we need is one of these so called “traffic calming devices”. The silly roundabouts seem to cause more frustration, especially during the hours when congestion is at a peak! Plus the lettering would be a distraction!

  4. Sadly, the few dozen Thundercloud Plum trees lining Greaves Way are dying from a fungal disease. So much for landscaping. I was surprised at the choice of plantings since this variety has been affected by disease all over the Puget Sound area.

  5. I like roundabouts- they keep traffic flowing. The pre Anderson Hill roundabout was a stop and go time chewing mess.

    The Greaves Way Drive is the most beautiful drive in Kitsap County – in my opinion…and points the way to leaving Silverdale alone – no incorporation.

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