Shorewood Drive signal on Kitsap Way misbehaving

The in basket: My grandson-in-law, Steven Christensen of the Lake Symington area, told me at a holiday dinner that he had run into a frustrating situation at the Shorewood Drive traffic signal on Kitsap Way in Bremerton on his way to and from graveyard shift duty at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton.

The signal has been defaulting to green on the side street and red on Kitsap Way, resulting in long and unnecessary waits for those, like him, on Kitsap Way.

Whenever he gets stopped at a red light at the next signal north, he can see the Shorewood Drive light,  Steven said. When a car is waiting at the red-light on Kitsap Way, it eventually will turn green, letting the car proceed. But it then immediately turns red again, green for Shorewood traffic (of which there is usually none that time of night) before he can get there.

The out basket: Jeff Collins of the city of Bremerton signal shop says the contractor working on the Winco supermarket preparation had to cut the in-pavement traffic detection wires on Shorewood during storm drain work, causing the signal to conclude there are always cars waiting on Shorewood.

The problem is less noticeable during the day when Kitsap Way’s signals are coordinated with one another.

The contractor plans a temporary fix to be done this week, Jeff said. Perhaps it’s already been done.



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