Odds & ends from Manette Bridge project

The in basket: Readers have posed a variety of questions and suggestions relating to the new Manette Bridge.

Mark Henson wants to know when the right turn lane on the downtown end of the bridge will be reopened, or it it will. At present, it’s blocked.

Derek Lyons wrote, “Traveling eastbound on 11th Street right before it curves into Washington, I noted that the weight limit signs for the old bridge were still in place. Will those be removed?”

And Kevin Long says, “I am very glad to have the new bridge up and running, but am very concerned with the lack of attention from drivers coming off of the bridge. I hope that my issue is not one that is common.

“I have almost been hit a few times from drivers coming off of the bridge while i am still going around the roundabout to go into Manette.  To my knowledge the traffic coming off of the bridge has to yield to circle traffic but it seems that a lot of people still think that bridge traffic has right of way.

“This may have been how it use to be, however it is not how it is now.  It sort of makes me wonder how this roundabout is any better than a traffic light.”

The out basket: Jeff Cook, project manager for the bridge job, says the weight limit restriction signs are to be removed under the construction contract and there will be no weight limits on the new span. I had no luck finding out whether the driver of a heavy truck would be safe from a citation should he or she cross while the signs still are up, though.

Jeff said “The right turn lane on the west half of the new bridge is closed to provide access for the demolition work and also for the follow up fine grading and landscaping. The lane will be opened to traffic upon completion of that work; likely the first part of January.”

And Kevin is correct. Bridge users bound for Manette who got used to having the right of way over those approaching from the other two directions no longer do. Once a vehicle is in the roundabout, it has right of way over any that are entering, including those coming off the bridge.

2 thoughts on “Odds & ends from Manette Bridge project

  1. Since the old span has been pretty much demolished and the new span partially open, there really doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency at the site, even though there appears to be lots to do – i.e. install railings, grout the lamp bases, clear away debris, finish the landscaping. I’m wondering about the completion date of February 2012. They must mean about February, which could easily bleed over into March. Is there a fine for finishing early? Used to be a bonus for an early completion. Maybe WSDOT has taken away any incentive for an early completion. I did notice that activity was non-existent on the Friday following Thanksgiving, and most holidays appear to be at least four or more days long.
    I see a lot of tire scuff marks on the concrete portion of the roundabout. Maybe WSDOT can buy the engineer who designed it a larger screen for his computer so it will be more life-like for the next attempt.

  2. My brother lives on Shore Drive so when he’s coming from Old Wheaton and enters the roundabout he wants to exit on Harkin. He says that he has almost been hit several times by folks coming off the bridge who mistakenly think they have the right of way. He mentioned that the yield sign is hard to see as you come off the bridge.

    I think someone better better get that fixed before we have a serious accident there.

    And can we have a serious discussion about about getting rid of the stop signs on Harkin and Pitt so as to ease traffic through Manette? I’d also make the short bit of Pitt no parking on either side. The lost spaces will be made up by adding diagonal spots on 11th St. West of Pitt.

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