Help! Does anyone remember this?

The in basket: One of the things alarming about reaching the age of 67 is not so much the things I can’t remember but the things I remember clearly that never happened.

Bear with me while I tap your collective memories to check out one such very clear memory.

I am convinced that when I was in grade school at the old East Port Orchard Elementary our ride home on the school bus included a misadventure one afternoon that would make the TV new these days.

In this memory, our bus lost a wheel while westbound on Mullenix Road and ran off the road to the right, where a stand of fairly scrawny alders kept it from rolling over. I don’t think any of us was injured.

In those days, Mullenix didn’t go any farther east than Van Decar Road, from which our bus had just turned to head downhill on Mullenix.

The out basket: My mother has no recollection of this, which would be unusual if it happened. Does anyone in the Kitsap Sun readership or on the Web recall it? Maybe one of my fellow passengers?

It was a little early in my life to have been a vivid dream.

One thought on “Help! Does anyone remember this?

  1. Sorry Young Fellow Travis, I don’t recall hearing the story. I’d be inclined to trust your mom’s memory…moms remember scary things happening to their kids… and a tippy school bus fits into unusual and scary.
    Sharon O’Hara

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