Silverdale Way needs & will get new striping

The in basket: Back in December, Archie Fuhrmann said the stripes on Silverdale Way, especially just north of Byron Avenue, were very hard to see. “You can’t see exactly where to drive in the dark,” he said.

The out basket: This is a common complaint during the winter here and everywhere snow removal and rain wear on the roadway paint. Counties, cities and the state try to restripe every line on every road in their jurisdiction each year, but not until summer.

The stretch of Silverdale Way Archie mentions got more than just the usual winter wear. Silverdale Water District releveled and repaved it late last year after undoing some damage caused by a broken water line.

Jeff Shea, Kitsap County traffic engineer, says, “We are starting our annual striping program. We have completed a few roads, but the weather and equipment breakdowns have hampered our efforts.

“Because of the volume of traffic in Silverdale we normally stripe over a weekend, usually in July. Our traffic maintenance supervisor is going to evaluate the areas your reader mentioned, and see if we can stripe those areas earlier.”

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