No signal change expected soon at Burwell and Warren

The in basket: Dennis Halstead is the latest reader to question why the traffic signal on Burwell Street at Warren Avenue in Bremerton isn’t friendlier to drivers heading toward downtown. They have to wait for a red light to change until long after westbound Burwell drivers get a green light.

“Why is (it), whether it’s east- or westbound on Burwell … that both directions don’t have the light synchronized to either go or stop?” he asked. “This does not make any sense to me that one lane is allowed to proceed when the other lane is stopped burning fuel.”
The out basket: The state had temporary jurisdiction over the signals at that intersection in the weeks after the downtown ferry tunnel was finished to make sure traffic flowed easily through the tunnel.

A state official explained at the time that the eastbound light stayed red to allow any westbound driver who wanted to turn left into the small parking lot on the south side of Burwell to make the turn. There’s no turn pocket there, so a westbound driver waiting for oncoming traffic to clear would cause traffic exiting the ferry to back up behind him.

The state now defers to the city on control of that signal, as it normally does on signals on state highways inside a city. But no change is imminent.

“No decision has been made at this point,” says Jeff Collins head of the city’s signal shop. “We are aware of the complaint but until we have money and or staff to make modifications we will leave it as is.

“It would require reprogramming of the signal controller, addition of a no-left-turn sign, and removal of the traffic head with left-turn arrow and replaced with standard three-section head,” he said.

2 thoughts on “No signal change expected soon at Burwell and Warren

  1. C’mon Dennis. Bremerton managers have a history of only doing what needs to be done to satisfy whomever happens to be mayor at the time, and it has to concern the “core” area. Gotta keep the throngs of downtown tourists happy and our leaders egos fed. You’re never going to see that situation changed in your lifetime. There have been several complaints about it. But they manage to find funding to drive a street sweeper around and stir up dust.

  2. Gary, just this past month I along with my neighborhood group were able to bring a traffic safety issue to the attention of the Mayor. In partnership with the Mayor, Bremerton PD and Public Works we were able to get the crosswalks in the Naval Avenue School Zone re-painted as they were worn down to the point they could not be seen by drivers. We also gained an increase in emphasis patrols for speeders in the school zone and those drivers who fail to stop at the crosswalks for the kids waiting to cross. Traffic flow meters were also placed in critical areas to collect traffic flow data which will be used for future traffic correcting decisions being considered.

    If the City is able to accommodate and improve a situation with the resources it has, it will. I have very recent proof of that. Funding is an issue depending on the correction needed. As far as the street sweeper goes, I am thankful for the work it does for what I know to be a reduction in flat tires on my car because I am not running over a bunch of glass, metal, nails, sticks and junk on the streets.

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