Lane separation pylons on Kitsap Way need work

The in basket: Gary Lee saw a fender-bender in the rain a few weeks ago at Kitsap Way and 11th Street in Bremerton, in which two cars turning left side-by-side onto Kitsap Way bumped. It did a fair amount of damage to one of them, he said..

It caused him to ask about the upright pylons that normally separate the directions of travel  on Kitsap Way at that turn. Several of them are missing or lying flat. They might have kept the driver who left his lane to better judge the distance in that turn and avoid the accident, he thought. That should be taken care of, he said.

The out basket: I find those pylons to be  more helpful going the other way, turning right from the inside lane of 11th onto Kitsap Way.

Regardless of that, they’ll be replaced soon, says Colen Corey, head of the city of Bremerton street maintenance. “Those are called vertical delineators and they are replaced every spring after the threat of snow has passed,” he said. “They take a real beating during snow events, so we choose to wait on the replacement.”

I asked if drivers or snow plows do the most harm and Colen replied, “Mostly cars, but sometimes a plow may get into them too.” He suspects some drivers hit them on purpose, a form of vandalism.

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