Pot hole fairy visits Silverdale Post Office

The in basket: Mary-Jo Cantwell writes, “When on earth is someone going to fix the gigantic pothole at the Silverdale Post Office?  This gaping hole, right at the entrance to the drive-up mailboxes, is almost impossible to avoid and is getting worse everyday.

“What gives????”

The out basket: Pot holes in shopping areas are fairly commonplace and can go unrepaired for quite a while.

Note the one that just got filled in the access road that runs past Eddie Bauer into the Costco parking lot in Silverdale, and those that appear from time to time in the winter at one of the front accesses and the back road into South Park Village Shopping Center in South Kitsap.

It can be a little hard to pin down who to complain to and the absentee property managers can remain unaware of them for quite a while.

Silverdale Postmaster Harry Kleinfelder, for whom I left a message about the pot hole last Friday, called me back Monday to say he was very much away of the one Mary-Jo mentions, but said the postal service doesn’t own the building and wasn’t the responsible party.

Happily, though, Harry said that when he came to work that morning, he found that whoever IS responsible had filled the pot hole over the weekend. It wasn’t the county, says spokesman Doug Bear, which doesn’t maintain private streets.

“It’s not perfect, but it’s patched,” Harry told me.

Presumably someone got to the correct property management firm about the same time as Mary-Jo complained to me.

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