Klahowya crosswalk to get different warning lights

The in basket: Tracy Loehrs asks, “Do they ever plan on adding a traffic light at the intersection of Klahowya Secondary School and Newberry Hill? It is very treacherous at beginning and ending school times, especially with all those new drivers.

The out basket: You can read a lengthy and detailed answer to that question in a Road Warrior column dated Oct. 22, 2009, at kitsapsun.com. The answer boils down to no, they don’t, the brief duration of the congestion there twice a day only on weekdays doesn’t warrant the expenditure.

But Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer, says they do have some changes coming to make it safer for pedestrians.

“We have ordered a couple of strobe-type flashers that will be at the crosswalk,” he said. “These lights will be pedestrian activated.  Also, we are going to reconfigure the existing flashers to flash only when pedestrian activated.

“The thinking is that motorists tend to ignore signs and even flashing signs if they see them all the time.  If the flashers are activated only when a pedestrian crosses there, it tends to reinforce the sign, then the sign and flasher are directly associated with an actual pedestrian and not an empty crosswalk.”

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  1. Time to bring back Betsy. Some of the older Kitsap folks may remember when the metal figure of a little girl in a red and white polka dot dress was used at school crossings. She holds a sign “School crossing.” It was modeled after Sheriff Art Morken’s oldest daughter. They were put out before school stated for about an hour and again when school ended for about one-half hour. If you care to see an example, go to the Historical museum on 4th street. Doesn’t the school have a safety patrol?

  2. Travis,

    Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. The article on the Klahowya Crosswalk prompted our concerns with pedestrian safety, in general and in the Silverdale area. The Sheriff’s Office worked with the Sunrise Rotary, county, and other groups to strive to make the areas more pedestrian “friendly” (meaning safer of course)

    We have not given up; however, resources are always a limiter.

    My purpose today is to recognize Jonathan McDonough, son of one of my sergeants. Jonathan’s Eagle Scout Project was installation of the red flag systems at the Klahowya Secondary School and four additional intersections in Silverdale. This is a relatively inexpensive option which can improve the visibility of pedestrians. It also provides an affirmative action and may reduce the “suprise” factor.

    It is also a another example of the value of Scouting in individual development and to enhancing our community’s quality of life. Friends of Scouting Breakfast is February 9, 2011.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Boyer

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