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3 thoughts on “Guardrail changes in Harper raise eyebrows

  1. “One such change was approved by the county commissioners on Nov. 8. A suggestion of Commissioner Charolotte Garrido, it provides $52,352 to paint the shoulders blue when weather allows in the spring, says Tina. There is anecdotal evidence the visual impact of painted shoulders can slow traffic, she said.”

    In other words, the County has plenty of money. Disregard any upcoming protestations to the contrary.

  2. I too had spoken with the county engineering office and was told the gard rail was not needed because it was not required.

    The person I spoke with said that requirements are met by widening the shoulder and the drop at the edge would be inless than two feet of water.

    I don’t feel the requirements fit the situation. While the water depth at the edge may be 2 feet at mean high tide, we now it’s above that daily. In addition, the beach slopes away from the seawall and it a car were to go off the edge it would surely roll over and you’d be probably over 10 feet from the wall, possibly trapped in your car and upside down.

    One of their arguements proclaims that the old rails have not been needed because some one has not hit a rail on that stretch where they’ve negleted to replace them. That may be, however there are two differences now. One being a 2 degree slope to the road service for drainage and two, more of a curve in the road than existed before.

    The slight curve and the slope are a concern during the winter and the advent of black ice or snow. Any sliding on ice or snow will go down slope, even crowns can cause fits.

    Lastly, I’ll avoid coming down harper hill on such days, that water is COLD, at least in that case the car would most probably be upright where I could get out.

  3. This creates an extremely dangerous situation. School buses drive along Southworth drive and my children ride a bus daily from Harper Hill Rd SE to South Colby Elementary. Coming home, after dropping my children off, the bus continues along Harper Hill Rd SE and goes down the hill to Southworth Drive. I see no cones marking where the guard rail will be installed along Southworth drive, where it interesects with Harper Hill Rd SE. This creates a dangerous condition where the road could be icy or slippery, and no guard rail prohibits a bus or car from sliding down Harper Hill Rd SE – straight across Southworth Drive, into the water. And as a general safety preventive – I would much rather hit a guardrail at dusk or in the dark, or in broad daylight, rather than slip a tire over the edge and have my vehicle go into the water. The water laps at the road — this is not Yukon Harbor where there is a stretch of beach between the road and the water.

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