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5 thoughts on “Police and the hands-free cell phone law

  1. This is an example where people consider themselves above the law. Cellphones are not more secure then any other communication device the police are using, ask any HAM operator.

    Cellphones actually conceal information as you now only have a few people knowing what is going on instead of a radio that is in contact with all police and can be recorded for evidence later.

    Just like police driving faster, blowing through stop signs or using their lights to run red lights only to turn them back off once they’re clear of the intersection; this is just one more thing to add to the list of “privileges” the police abuse.

  2. Cellphones are indeed more secure than their primary radio systems. And I am a ham in case it comes up…But Im also someone who knows this technology. Cellphones are all digital now so no scanners.

    Generally if the officer is speaking to his dispatcher, that call is being recorded.

    Your right. Cellphones do conceal information. Like victim information, and things they might not want the general public to know about a crime that has been committed in order to help convict the guilty.

  3. It is not the fact that an officer uses his cell phone to his ear … THE LAW SATES WHILE DRIVING!! The officer should have to abide by the law and pull over to a safe place. OH WAIT!! Sitting on the shoulder of any road to make or take a phone call is ALSO illegal and will get you a $124 ticket!! DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMNED IF YOU DON’T!!!

  4. I agree that cell phone communications are more secure than radio communications, its harder to tap in to the lines. And also, cell phones are more convenient to use these days.

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