Bad behavior causes parking lot closure near Fairgrounds


The in basket: Lance Hagele asks, “Why is the parking lot on the corner of Fairgrounds Road and Tracyton Boulevard closed? 

“It has been closed for a very long time and I thought it might be closed  for renovations,” he said. “I noticed it was open for vendors to park their RV’s during the Kitsap County Fair. 

“This parking lot supports the Anna Smith Park. Now people must park along Tracyton Boulevard, which poses  an unsafe condition to enjoy the park,” he said.

 The out basket: Dori Leckner of Kitsap County Parks replies, 

“The parking area you mention is blocked off because many used it for  illegal dumping. People left campers, cars, trailers, dead animals, headstones and yard waste there. 

“When the parking lot was open, there were break-ins and vandalism to vehicles parked there because of its remote location. 

“We’ve kept the Master Gardeners at Anna Smith Park informed about these challenges and they understand why this parking lot is closed,” she said. “We are working to see how we can alleviate these concerns and open the lot in light of these challenges.”

5 thoughts on “Bad behavior causes parking lot closure near Fairgrounds

  1. A video camera to record the photos and license plate numbers of people dumping or engaging in illegal activity would probably go a long way to solving this problem.

  2. I think if you were to have the county come in and take the trees down on the west facing side of the parking lot, it would be a good preventative way of stopping most of the problems. With that I would also recommend paving the lot and maybe making a walkway/stairs that would lead to the cross walk. I think that would also contribute to the beatification of Tracyton Boulevard. Just a thought… a camera WOULD be a lot cheaper thou.

  3. Good idea, Keri. Let’s see if “our” parks department implements it and keeps the facility opened for the taxpayers who fund it and DON’T engage in “bad behavior”. One would assume a department that can install solar-powered garbage cans, could install a camera…

  4. I was glad to see that this parking lot was closed down. My daughter’s car was broken in to at that lot a few years back. It is not a safe area, anything can happen in that lot. Even with cameras it would not be safe. It has some major issues. They would need to do some major renovations in order to make it a safe place to park.

  5. I live next door to a city park, not a remote area like the Anna Smith park. When I moved in 18 years ago the park attracted some bad elements. But I talked to the city about some ideas to increase security and I started walking through the park with my dog (big GSD) and talking to people. I call 911 and report any suspicious activity. We enjoy living next to a nice park, and accept that there will be traffic in our neighborhood related to it.

    Anna Smith park is a lovely place to take the kids. I hope they come up with a solution to the problem there. Maybe I will bring my dog for a walk. 😉

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