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6 thoughts on “Official merging advice surprises Road Warrior

  1. “…signaling for 10 feet before changing lanes.” Hahhahaha. That’s a good one. I’ve driven behind BPD cars that don’t signal when they’re just out cruising, but then I notice they’re on their cell phones. No doubt always on official business.

  2. I learned in Traffic Safety back in the dark ages to only change lanes when you could see the entire front end of the car behind/beside you. It’s served me in good stead over the years.

    I almost got nailed in North Dakota on a wide open freeway by the only other car in sight, who merged two lanes from an on ramp and never saw me in the fast lane. When I saw him coming down the on ramp, I moved over instead of slowing down. He ended up about 6 inches off my front bumper at 70+ MPH, with me jamming on the brakes. Thank God for anti-lock brakes because we probably would have died without them.

  3. I am alarmed that anyone would believe it a good idea to change more than one lane at a time. If we are supposed to leave a two second gap in following another vehicle, waiting for a four second gap to merge or to change lanes makes sense. That way, I have a two second gap ahead of me and the driver behind me does too.

    If traffic allows, I try to move over to make room for others entering the freeway. If I can not move over, I maintain a constant speed so that the entering drivers can judge where I will be.

  4. The advice offered by the WSP/DOL is very poor and dangerous. I am a commercial driver and am on the road 60 hours a week. I see, daily, drivers merge into 60+ mph traffic at 40-45 or even slower. I have seen many accidents caused when drivers slow or stop at the merge point and even more accidents caused by the freeway-speed traffic having to evade the oblivious, slowpoke mergers.
    As a trucker I frequently (read this as many times a day) have to hammer my brakes to avoid these idiots who cannot seem to grasp the concept of using the acceleration lane to match the speed of traffic and smoothly enter the flow. When I have to slow radically to avoid a collision it takes me a long time to get back up to speed, unfairly impacting all the traffic behind me. That the WSP encourages such dangerous, irresponsible, and plain rude driving practices is ludricous at best.
    I think they need to go back to drivers’ Ed!

  5. Oh, and if you happen to be tailgating the car in front of you when entering the freeway, not only are you endangering the occupants in that vehicle, but those on the freeway as well — especially if trafffic is tight.

    Of course, traffic laws may not apply to you.

  6. I have see drivers trying to merge on to the freeway at 15 to 20 mph slower than the traffic already on the highway so many times here in Kitsap that I’ve come to assume they were told that it was the propper way to do it. At a busy on ramp like Sedgwick to 16 south (yes I said south), mid day, you’ll see this. The lead car of several will be merging at a much slower speed than the traffic. All the cars behind the lead car are now commited to do the same with the existing highway traffic now bunched up behind the first car. Travis, you say you haven’t noticed this much, perhaps you are often that lead car.

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