Are new Hospital signs in Bremerton hard to see?


The in basket: A reader who identifies himself or herself only as TC asks about the changes in the signs directing drivers to Bremerton’s Harrison Memorial Hospital, which were revised three years ago to include the name of the hospital and in many cases, the name of the upcoming street on which to turn to reach it.

“How can the private Harrison Hospital signs be replacing the official hospital signs that are internationally recognized?” TC asked. “The Harrison signs are not the correct color (they’re dark blue) and are very hard to see at night.  Is it legal for these private signs to be up?”

The out basket: The signs were a collaborative effort between the hospital and the city of Bremerton, with the hospital paying for their design and basic material and the city fabricating and installing them. 

Dan Heistand of the city engineering staff said 27 were replaced and 13 added.

They still include the internationally recognized block H, and the additional information seems to me to be a valuable extra, not a problem. 

Dan said that although the signs themselves are darker blue than those they replaced, the reflective H is in higher intensity reflective sheeting, so the H, the only thing on the old signs, should be easier to see at night, not harder.

My only concern with the signs is that the one on southbound Wheaton Way approaching Sheridan Road still points drivers into the left turn lane, where they often must wait for the signal to change. 

As I’ve said before, that seems to disregard the main motive for building the off-ramp to Callahan Drive and Lebo Boulevard just beyond Sheridan, a quick route to the hospital. There is a sign reading “hospital” at that ramp, but not one of the new ones and a driver would have to ignore the first one to even see it.

Dan said the engineering department chose to denote both places as a route to the hospital.

On other concerns, Darcy Himes of the hospital public affairs staff noted that if it makes TC feel any better, Harrison is a not-for-profit institution, not a private hospital. The color was chosen “to coordinate with the City of Bremerton’s new dark blue signage,” she said.

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