What happens if one Tacoma Narrows span is blocked?

The in basket: Mike McKinney asks “If one of the (Tacoma) narrows bridges is closed for an extended period of time, are there plans that would open one bridge both ways?”

The out basket: Yes, says Tony Leingang, the state’s freeway operations engineer:

 “The bridge ends were designed with improvements to facilitate crossing traffic and putting two-way traffic on one bridge,” he said. “The traffic control plan that goes along with that provides for easily identified cross-over detour alignments and storing traffic control devices at the bridge site for expedited response. 

“Steel traffic swing gates were designed into bridge end barrier protection so that cross-over detours could be quickly established. Depending on the collision, the time estimated for a complete bridge closure would be weighed against the time needed to implement two-way traffic on one bridge.”

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