Plans still alive for LED lights on new Narrows bridge

The in basket: Glen Adrig says in an e-mail, “In 2007, a citizens group had an agreement with (the state) regarding installation and maintenance of decorative and low cost LED lighting on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge suspension cables.

“I was looking forward to seeing Christmas lights displayed on the bridge this year,” he said, “but there seems to be no progress on getting the lights installed.” 

“Looking for the website associated with the organization ( results in an expired domain name. Is the organization and agreement  gone, and will the new Narrows Bridge ever get the decorative LED lighting installed to make it a real attractive and seasonal landmark?”

The out basket: It’s an ongoing effort, and the Web site comes up on my computer. Glen may have made a typo on the address when he tried.

Chris Keegan, the state’s bridge expert, said his staff will meet with the contractor for the Narrows lighting project and look at the plans sometime in January “to make sure they are heading in the right direction.”

Chris said the state Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development has awarded Narrows Bridge Lights $1.5 million, and all concerned hope it will be enough to get the decorative lights on the new bridge.

Desa Coniff of Narrows Bridge Lights says, “We have been working out the details of the contract with (the state)  for about 18 months and have come to an agreement.  Our energies have been focused in this direction.  

“Once the design plans are approved, we will focus on the next phases and future fundraising. We needed to come to an agreement with DOT prior to any other activities being accomplished. 

“Thus I do not have an update other than this at this time. But tell people that we continue to work diligently, we have not given up and are determined to bring some color to the bridges!” 

They’ll move on to get money and authorization to light the old bridge once the new bridge is done, she said. 

“This is a unique project run entirely on volunteer time.  We have endeavored for three years to make this project happen, and it appears we are very near.”

Chris Keegan said the group’s contractor is to install the lights, with state supervision.

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