Are two big state projects in SK done?

The in basket: Sharon Demianiw asks “Who is responsible for removing road work signs and black plastic environmental fencing along finished road work/improvement areas?

“Assuming the road work is completed on Highway 16 at the Olalla/Burley intersection area.” she said, “and along Sedgwick where the road was widened between Jackson Avenue and Highway 16, ugly, black plastic fencing remains along the side of the road. 

“On Highway 16,” she said, “going north towards the new overpass area are signs warning of road work ahead. After going through this intersection, signs representing the (state) and contractor thank drivers for their patience while driving through this work area.

“Are black, plastic environmental fencing and road work signs required to remain for a specific amount of time after work is completed, or did the responsible parties forget to remove these items?”

The out basket: Road Work Ahead signs and Thank Yous from the contractor typically remain up until the state or other governmental entity signs off on the work as complete. Also typically, there is what’s called a “punch list” of small things to be done before that final approval, which keeps the contractor working for a period after the job appears to be done. 

Brenden Clarke, project engineer for both jobs, says, “On the Burley Ollala project, we need to complete the tree plantings, and on  (Sedgwick), we need to remove silt fence after the slopes are proven to be stable.”

The “ugly black plastic fencing” Sharon described probably is the silt fence Brenden mentions, and it will all be removed, he said. But it will stay in place until the disrupted slopes from the work have proven stable. 

Sometimes it’s never removed. I still can see some of it lining Salmonberry Creek at Howe Farm Park, left from the widening of Mile Hill Drive two years ago.

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