Lack of sign can get a ferry user lost in Bremerton

The in basket: Retired Judge Jim Maddock rang me up the other day to call attention to what he felt is a missing sign in downtown Bremerton.

When southbound on Washington Avenue, he said, there is a sign hanging in its intersection with Sixth Street indicating a right turn to get to the ferry to Seattle. When I checked, I saw the same sign overhead as one exits the Manette Bridge onto Washington.

But, Jim notes, there is no comparable sign on Sixth at Pacific Avenue, where a left turn must be made for the direct route to the ferry terminal. 

A person new to town would most likely continue straight on Sixth for who knows how long, Jim said. 

The out basket: Absolutely right, said Brenden Clarke, who has a lot to do with streets in Bremerton these days even though he’s a project engineer for the state. He was in charge of the tunnel project and incurred responsibility for a lot of city issues related to it. 

“We reviewed the site today and concur that there should be a sign at Sixth

and Pacific,” he said. “We are working on getting a sign installed at that


Maybe some of you familiar with GPS systems could let me know if having one operating in your car would alert you to the need to turn from Sixth onto Pacific to reach the ferry terminal even when no sign tells you to.

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