Why are they digging up new paving on Sedgwick?

The in basket: Robert Pilger of Long Lake Road in South Kitsap e-mailed to say, “I have noticed road workers digging up the new pavement in several places along the Sedgwick Road project after recently striping. Why, and if (they are) fixing mistakes or oversights, who is responsible for the money?”

The out basket: It is common in paving jobs to pave over utility accesses and return to uncover them, build them up to the new pavement level and seal around the accesses. That is what is happening on Sedgwick Road, says Brenden Clarke, project engineer for state projects here.

Usually that occurs between the paving and the striping, but Brenden says, “We had the striping done before the adjustments were all complete to take advantage of favorable weather.  The way the forecast looks now, we would be striping next May if we had waited to put down pavement markings after the utility adjustments were all complete.  The impacts to pavement markings should be minimal. “

2 thoughts on “Why are they digging up new paving on Sedgwick?

  1. Did anyone ever ask why they tore up Sedgwick between Hwy 16 and Bethel Burley? After a year of construction delays, we still only have a two lane road and the only difference I can notice is bigger ditches and larger banks for more potential mud slides.

  2. I wanted to add that it also appears that a light will not be installed at the Sedgwick/Converse intersection. Is that true? Please tell me that after months of noise, detours, sleepless nights, bumpy roads, honking horns, sleepless nights, watching children darn near get run over by speeding cars on Sedgwick, the removal of so many trees, the sleepless nights and the previous report that there WOULD be a light at converse that soon they are going to install a light there!

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