Illahee Road missing a speed limit sign

The in basket: Jim Baker writes, “Just wondering about a recently missing speed limit sign. 

“Northbound on Illahee Road just past the Brownsville Elementary School and Utah Street there used to be a sign restoring the speed limit to 35 mph from 25 mph. It went missing a week or so ago. It is still 35 mph on southbound Illahee from Brownsville Highway almost to Utah – if that’s 35, I can’t imagine that the limit northbound along there should be 25. Makes no sense.”

The out basket: Jeff Shea, Kitsap County traffic engineer says, “There should be a 35 mph sign in that area.” Since the question was posted on the Road Warrior blog at in late October, the county has replaced the missing one. 

Doug Bear, public spokesman for public works, adds, “With over 900 miles of county-maintained roads, our crews can’t be everywhere, We count on reports from residents like your reader. You can report missing signs by calling Kitsap 1 (360-337-5777, formerly called the county’s Open Line) or sending email to

“Reporting downed stop signs is critical,” he adds. “You can report them to Kitsap 1 during regular working hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 4:30.) After hours or on weekends report downed stop signs by calling 9-1-1. Report all other downed signs to Kitsap 1.”

One thought on “Illahee Road missing a speed limit sign

  1. I cannot believe that the speed limit in this entire area is over 25 mph! The roadways are narrow, pedestrians are at risk always as there is no roadway shoulders and Many people and Bicycle use it ..It is extremely dangerous for everyone..lower the limit to 25mph! BEFORE somebody gets killed! I have walked it for years and the speeding drivers are out of control!!! I support a revision of the speed limits and endorse more law enforcement of traffic..resident of ILLAHEE community

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