Repaving at Ioka Way left a hard bump

The in basket: Jo Ann Ambur writes, “A few weeks ago a road above ours was repaved (on Ioka Drive out of Silverdale) and the work crew and all their warning signs are long gone. The problem is they did not smooth the transition from that part of the county road onto Ioka Way, which is also a county road.

“We are left with a drop of a few inches onto our road. How do we get that problem solved?”

The out basket: The reason for this problem is the same as for earlier ones about which the Road Warrior was asked this year, including a similar bump on Vena Avenue at Central Valley Road, shoulder drop-offs at a repaved stretch of Ogle Road near Brownsville and the restriping of white lines but not yellow ones on some Central Kitsap roads. The county stages its work to do one thing at a time for efficiency, then returns to do finish work. If the Ioka bump hasn’t been corrected, it soon will be. 

“Approach work is always completed after the paving,” says Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works. “As always this type of work depends on weather, equipment and staff availability. We are aware of the work needed there and will get it completed soon.”

One thought on “Repaving at Ioka Way left a hard bump

  1. They also left a BIG blob of asphalt in the ditch on south side of Willamette-Meridian. It looks horrible & this side didn’t even get paved.

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