Change proposed on Washington at Sixth

The in basket: Gale Brown has a different take on the situation on Washington Avenue in Bremerton heading south, where two lanes of traffic must merge very quickly into one just south of Sixth Street. Gale says, “I would like to see the outside lane of southbound Washington at Sixth be changed to a right-turn only.

“This would improve traffic flow on to Sixth for those heading for the ferry,” he said, “and would eliminate the frustrations often caused by the forced merge immediately south of the intersection.”

The out basket: It could happen. Larry Matel of the city street engineers says, “The public works department is planning on doing a traffic circulation plan for the downtown area in 2010.  “This will look at operational changes on the street system that are now possible because of the traffic changes created by the opening of the tunnel. We have had other requests for changes and instead of doing them ‘piece meal’, and then only having to do them over again as a result of another issue that might need addressing, we have decided to look at the big picture and then make changes.”

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