Have brush cutters missed some NK roads?

The in basket: Jim Jensen of Kaster Road in North Kitsap read the recent Road Warrior column about mowing versus herbicide use to control roadside weeds and said, “It has been my experience that they are doing very little of either.  

“My road used to be mowed at least once a year but it hasn’t been cleared for at least two years,” he said. Blackberry brambles are encroaching into the roadway. 

He also cited Rude Road, which intersects Kaster, and Clear Creek Road as examples of neglect, then said “The portion of Finn Hill that is within the city limits of Poulsbo is mowed but the remainder is not and has not been mowed for several years. 

“I realize that it’s most likely budget considerations causing the lack of mowing, so they should at least say so instead of talking about the mowing and spraying that they do.”

The out basket: Kaster Road is inside the city too, and is described by Poulsbo Public Works Director Barry Loveless as a recent annexation. “So we’ll add it to our list of areas to be trimmed,” he said. City employees do that work. 

Actually, it looks to me like an interested neighbor with a lopper could correct Kaster’s problem.

As for Rude Road and Clear Creek, I didn’t see anything along Rude worthy of mention, but the east side ditch on Clear Creek looks like someone’s alder farm. Alder grows pretty fast, but it looks like no cutting has been done there for a few years. 

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works said, the county has one person in each road shop (there are three) whose primary duty is brush cutting.” We’ll look into his assertions concerning Rude and Clear Creek roads,” Doug said.




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