Silverdale turn lane work has repercussions


The in basket: Susan Day Carlson e-mails to say, “Now that Tracyton Boulevard and Myhre Road are closed for construction, the detour route at Bucklin Hill and Nels Nelson backs up terribly on Nels Nelson at the end of the day for commuters. 

“Can’t the county provide a traffic director during this time?” she asks.

The out basket: No, says Doug Bear of the county public works staff, but the suffering will end soon. Nels Nelson isn’t the official detour anyway, though drivers familiar with the area use it.

“The detour was routed using Central Valley and the signalized intersection at Bucklin Hill because of this concern,” Doug said. “I recognize this adds time to the commute, but the cost to provide additional traffic control, either through a temporary signal or traffic control staff, is prohibitive. 

“The work requiring the detour is scheduled to be completed by (Sept. 25),” he said.

One thought on “Silverdale turn lane work has repercussions

  1. I have to say I’m not surprised, but disappointed in the reply from Doug Bear regarding the Nels Nelson detour. Funny, but a “detour” sign at the start of Nels Nelson seems to me like it indicates that it IS a detour!
    Sounds typical of the county to say that traffic control is cost prohibitive. There is a lot of activity on the part of the sheriff’s office for monitoring speeders along Nels Nelson. That time could be better spent directing traffic for 2 hours a day.

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