Power stayed on at new Silverdale intersection


The in basket: Dave Jackson of Seabeck tells about a two- or three- hour power outage that darkened Central Kitsap (not much, though, it was during the day) on Aug. 6. Hearing official advice to avoid Silverdale, which was without power, he took a winding route from Seabeck that took him through the Trigger Avenue-Old Frontier Road intersection, where the signal was dark.

So he was surprised after taking the freeway from Trigger back to Silverdale to find the signals at the new Highway 3-303 interchange all working. 

How does that happen, he asks.

The out basket: As mentioned here a year ago when criticism of the new interchange still was at its peak, state officials were arranging to keep the power there on no matter what, knowing what chaos would result if the signals ever quit working. It’s too wide for mere driver eye contact and taking turns to take the place of signals, as can be done at a smaller intersection.

“It is good to hear that things went well for a change and folks like what we’ve done,” says Don Anders of the Olympic Region signal shop.  

“At this intersection we have a battery-powered back-up system (UPS or uninterruptable power source) and a stand-by generator.  The UPS system keeps the system online without any break in service and allows the generator to start up and pick up the load.  This generator has the ability to run 72 hours without adding fuel which will get us through a full weekend, if necessary.”

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