Why 35 mph past old Bangor gate?

The in basket: Bill Peterson of Poulsbo says,”I’m curious about why the speed limit on Clear Creek Road drops from 50 mph to 35 mph between Mountain View Road and Orweiler Road.

“Is this due to the Bangor gate on the west side of Clear Creek?  If so why hasn’t the speed limit been increased with the permanent closure of the gate?  There doesn’t appear to be any denser population between these two roads to justify the decrease in speed.”

The out basket: In January 2007, when Jesse Cook asked the same question, the answer was that Kitsap County wouldn’t raise the speed limit unless the Navy assured it the gate wouldn’t reopen. Tom Danaher, public affairs office for the Bangor base, said simply that the Navy doesn’t discuss security issues like gates, which left the issue in limbo and the speed limit at 35 mph. 

The county says that is still its position. Tom was more expansive this time, and said not only isn’t the old gate closed permanently, but it comes in handy when large construction vehicles that have trouble getting through the serpentine regular entrances at the other gates have to come and go.

Besides, he said, security personnel asked the few neighbors in that stretch what they thought of the lower speed limit and, not surprisingly, they’d like to see it stay at 35 mph, “which is OK with us.”

2 thoughts on “Why 35 mph past old Bangor gate?

  1. Thanks for getting me an answer Travis. Not sure I like the answer, but that’s true for many things in life. Thanks again.

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