Mystery light adorns Annapolis dock

The in basket: Mark Swedberg e-mails to say, “A handful of us ferry riders that commute on the Annapolis ferry between Bremerton and Annapolis are wondering what the purpose is for the presence of what appears to be a strobe light about half way down the Annapolis ferry dock mounted on one of the light stanchions. And does it work and why was it placed there for in the first place?” He’d never seen it lit, he said.

“Curious riders await your findings,” Mark said.

The in basket:  Steve Slayton, the Port of Bremerton’s director of marine facilities, says, “It is an abandoned navigational aid, out of service for more than 20 years, and no longer listed on the Coast Guard light lists or Coast Guard charts. So it just sits there and I didn’t think it was worth the man hours to take it down.” 

He figures the port owns the light, since it owns the dock, and says it’s possible the port might find some other use for the light some day.

He had no guess why it’s in the middle of the dock, not the end, other than to say the dock used to be shorter than it is, long before he came to the port. Why the light would be put back where it was when the dock was lengthened would be the subject of light-hearted speculation, I suppose.

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