Parking on Trigger Avenue bridge is illegal


The in basket: Barb Frindell asks, “Why can cars park on the side of the overpass on Trigger Avenue without getting ticketed.  They sometimes block the view for the northbound exit turning left. 

“If you park your car on the other roadways, you get a ticket. These people are probably walking the (Clear Creek) trail and there is no parking lot for them but does that make it legal?  

“They need to set up a place for these people to park, instead of on the road,” she concluded.

The out basket: It is illegal to park on any bridge in this state, so those who park on the bridge on Trigger are just taking their chances.

Krista Hedstrom of the state patrol confirms that, and says the fine is $20. I presume that the lack of ticketing arises from the patrol’s higher priorities in addressing known accident causes, though Barb obviously thinks that applies to the parking on the bridge. 

The appearance of this column might make it more of a financial risk to park there for a while.

“I have not heard of any plans to put in a parking area near Trigger,” Krista adds, “so right now the best place to access the trail with plenty of parking is near the skate park off Silverdale Way.”

That, in fact, is the county’s wish, though the convoluted route from Trigger to Silverdale Way, via the new interchange, Kitsap Mall Boulevard and Randall Way, certainly provides a major disincentive for  those coming from the north – and maybe even the south – to meander down to the Silverdale Way park. The park in question is just north of the off-ramp from Highway 303 to Silverdale Way.



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