Buses use flashers on Manette Bridge


The in basket: Debby Briody asks, “What are the rules for the transit buses on Manette Bridge? What must a car driver do as regards the flashing lights on the buses?” She said her boyfriend meets a bus on the bridge every day.

The out basket: John Clauson of Kitsap Transit and Doug Wagner, transportation director for Bremerton schools, whose drivers also sometimes turn on their flashers when approaching the bridge’s narrow center span, say it’s just a cautionary step to alert other drivers that the bus may have to stop.

That can happen when they meet another large vehicle coming the other way. John says they have lost side view mirrors in close passages by buses and trucks, and the drivers may stop to allow a large oncoming vehicle to clear the center span before the bus enters it.

It’ll all be academic when the state has replaced the old bridge, expected by 2012, and large vehicles can pass one another comfortably.

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