State giveth, then taketh away, NK rumble strips

The in basket: Tom Booth asks, “Why did the (state) pave over certain rumble strips on Highway 3 between (Mileposts) 57 and 58. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it.”

Those mileposts are around the Big Valley Road intersection, where a new signal was put in this year. “About a month ago they came by in the middle of the night and put rumble strips along each side of Highway 3 at least from the intersection of 104 and 3 all the way at least to Pioneer Way and Tytler Road,” Tom said. “Then again last week in the middle of the night (it was about 3 a.m. because it woke us up).  The strips are on both shoulders and also the center line. I like them but was wondering why cover up just some of them.”

The out basket: Lisa Murdock of the Olympic Region of state highways explains: “Some of the rumble strips in this area were covered after implementation because the shoulder proved too narrow for bicyclists to travel safely,” she said. Driving over rumble strips, which are intended to alert drivers when they are running off the road or across the center line, is pretty hard on a bicycle and its rider.

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