Rights on red legal from either of adjacent right turn lanes

The in basket: Dale Treftz writes, “I have watched many drivers turn right against a red light following a complete stop, but from the left lane of a two-lane off-ramp.  

“Many state highways offer two-lane off-ramps and provide less congestion when merging from one highway on to another multi-lane road or highway, but it seems dangerous for a driver to cross over two or more lanes of moving traffic against a red light, without traffic stopped and providing safe access. 

“I recall (maybe incorrectly) from one of my drivers tests (I have lived in several states), that a right turn against a red light may be made following a complete stop, but only from the curb side lane?  I have read through my drivers pre-test handbook, but it is not clearly defined.”

The out basket: In Washington state, right turns against a red light are legal from either of two adjacent right turn lanes, provided there is a lane available for both lines of traffic to turn into, no signs prohibit it, no pedestrians are in the way, and the driver comes to a full stop and yields to any traffic with the right of way. 

I’ve strained my brain trying to think of places in the local area where there are two adjacent right turn lanes, and can think only of two in Bremerton and one each in Silverdale and Poulsbo. They are at 11th Street’s western end at Kitsap Way, on southbound Warren Avenue at 11th Street, where the second lane in can be used for right turns or to proceed straight, at the Highway 3 off-ramp to go south on Kitsap Mall Boulevard and at Highway 3’s off-ramp to go into Poulsbo on Highway 305. If there are others, the same rules apply.

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