Free foot ferry Fridays resume this week

The in basket: There was some consternation on the Port Orchard-Bremerton foot ferry Friday night among people on their way to or from the drum concert that began a four-week series of concerts at the Bremerton Waterfront Park, the one with the gushing, submarine-shaped fountains. 

A lot of people expected the ferry trip to be free, as it was the night before because of a concert in Port Orchard and every Friday night for a few weeks before because of the Concerts on the Boardwalk in Bremerton.

The ferry crew wasn’t sure what the rules were last Friday night, but after conferring with one of three crew members who apparently had the most authority, they said the usual $1.50 one-way fare was in effect. 

I asked Kitsap Transit what to expect for the remaining Friday nights of the series, sponsored by the Bremerton Parks Department.

The out basket: Bremerton Parks had just launched its concert series, the first year for it, and he was unaware of it, said John Clauson of Kitsap Transit. And Cynthia Engelgau of the parks staff didn’t know the free ferry service was available for concerts. 

Both now are aware of the other and the Friday night service will be free for the next three Friday evenings, John says. 

Some of those griping on last Friday’s runs suggested the schedule for when it’s free and when it’s not on that ferry run was mystifying. So here’s the breakdown, provided by John. 

Passage on the boats is free on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to the end of service, serving the Port Orchard concerts and the Bremerton Farmer’s Market at Evergreen Park, through Oct. 9.

Friday evening service will be free the next three weeks. It’s free from 5:15 p.m. on.

Saturday and Sunday service is free all day from May 10 to Oct. 12, in recognition of the Port Orchard Farmer’s Market and the various festivals on weekends. It’s also free the four days of the Kitsap County Fair, Aug. 20-24 and all three days of Bremerton’s Blackberry Festival, Aug. 30 and 31 and Sept. 1.

Cindy said none of the people at Friday’s drum concert mentioned the ferry fare confusion to her, but there was difficulty getting disabled people from the Access bus at the end of Pacific Avenue to the concert site. They’ll have more people to help with that the next three Fridays, she said.

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