Handicapped placards and wallet cards

The in basket: Bev Willeford writes, “My husband has permanent handicap plates on our car. My sister has permanent handicap plates on her car.
“When I drive my sister, and my
husband isn’t with us, am I allowed to park in handicap parking spots
for her as long as she has her wallet card, or does she need to have her placard that is associated with her card?”
The out basket: Deputy Pete Ball of Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, who oversees his department’s enforcement of handicapped parking, calls the inquiry “unusual, to say the least.”
Still, he said, “to be perfectly legal under the law, the sister really should use her placard regardless of what car she’s in. I think it would be highly unlikely that they would ever be questioned but to be perfectly legal, her placard and ID card should be together when she is exercising her right to park in the disabled spots.”

3 thoughts on “Handicapped placards and wallet cards

      1. I have a handicap thing hanging from my window as does my husband but we would like to have ones for our wallets to get into certain places. How do i go about getting such a wallet card?

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