Tanker trucks on wrong Manchester streets

The in basket: One of the items on the Tuesday morning agenda of the Manchester public safety group was a caravan of tanker trucks spotted moving along Alaska Avenue and steep Madrone Avenue on their way to the Manchester Fuel Depot on Monday.
The designated route for those trucks, both arriving empty and leaving full, is Colchester Drive, and the group wondered how the trucks wound up on the wrong streets.
The out basket: It was a mistake, said Bob Cairns, acting director of the fuel depot.
Bob had already fielded a call from the county about the incident and was a little upset.
It was the first trip here by an Army reserve unit from Minnesota that is temporarily stationed in Yakima while they train for delivering fuel in the Iraqi war zone, he said. They are ferrying the fuel they get here to Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane. They drive camouflaged trucks, rather than the dull red ones Manchester residents usually see coming and going.
“They made a wrong turn,” one street before Colchester, Bob said. “We corrected it as soon as we found out.”
“I’d like to see the public give them some slack,” he added. “They’re on their way to Iraq next month.”
He noted that the wrong turn, while inadvertent, may have been a valuable training experience. “Making a wrong turn in Iraq can have catastrophic results,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Tanker trucks on wrong Manchester streets

  1. Hey, Port Orchard, cut these troops some slack. The protesters form up in front of City Hall if you want to join them. Otherwise, go out offer them a cup of coffee and directions because that’s not what would happen in a war zone if you make a wrong turn. GO ARMY!!!

  2. We are sooooo proud of Bob Cairns’ come-back -“give them some slack”

    How narrow-minded can people be?

    We lived on the Fuel Base from March 1958 until May 1981 when Jack retired – He was head of security

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