Did hard feelings lead to Sedgwick Road as interchange site?

The in basket: Dave Dahlke asked me “Do you remember when the Highway 16 project was being built what the dispute was between WSDOT and the service station at Nelson’s Corner?
“I seem to remember that WSDOT didn’t like dealing with the service station owner and decided to show them, so the off-ramp and overpass was directed down to Sedgwick,” he said.
“I always think about this when I see the backup of traffic going up the Sedgwick hill towards Bethel and the hazard of that hill during the winter,” Dave said.
 “It is easy to imagine how uncongested Sedgwick at SR16 would be if the WSDOT would only put an off-ramp at Nelson’s Corner. But if they do, it is just about guaranteed that I would not see it in my lifetime and my children probably won’t see it in theirs either.”
The out basket: I don’t recall the dispute Dave asks about.
My recollections of Sedgwick and Highway 16 as an on-grade intersection and the construction of the bridge that now takes Bethel Road over the freeway are dim.
So I’ll toss this out to the readers to see if any of you recall whether hard feelings between the state and a property owner were behind Sedgwick’s selection for the interchange.
It seems a timely discussion, with property owners along Sedgwick between Bethel Avenue and the interchange struggling to add a center turn lane there to a state project that won’t provide one.
More retrospective: While looking back, I wanted to pass along an observation by longtime political columnist Adele Ferguson, who I saw at a group breakfast recently.
She said she read the obituaries and news stories about the passing of former Bremerton Mayor Morrie Dawkins for mention of what she felt was one his lasting accomplishments, but didn’t see it.
She recalls that Morrie was alarmed one day to see a child topple off the sidewalk on the Manette Bridge and into traffic. There was no fence then, and he made sure one got added to separate pedestrians and vehicles, she said.

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